Chromosome Biology

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Wang, Jing Wang, Xiao-Jing. Page Content Sidebar. Chromosome Biology. Faculty study mechanisms for maintaining high fidelity transmission of the genome on both eukaryotes, bacteria and viruses. The group uses diverse methodologies and model systems to study DNA replication and repair, chromosome segregation and aneuploidy, epigenetics and chromatin architecture, transcriptional regulation and chromosome evolution.


Our wide-ranging expertise provides a holistic view of chromosome function within the organism, thereby accelerating scientific discovery and clinical translation opportunities. We inspire and engage the public, sharing our fascination with chromosomes, the iconic symbol of the life sciences.

Chromosome chromatin and chromatid

In addition, we collaborate extensively, often with scientists in different research disciplines, resulting in paradigm shifts and high profile research output. By offering a rigorous training programme and seminar series comprising experts in our field, we aim to create the best future scientific leaders. We envisage that our distinctive research approach will lead to lasting benefits for human health. Type of event: Seminar.

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Assistant Professor in Chromosome Biology

The newly established NCI Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology CECB brings together researchers with an interest in cancer epigenetics to share research findings across the intramural community and beyond. Visit the Epigenetics Scientific Interest Group to learn more about chromosome biology and epigenetics. Skip to main content. Nurturing the Next Generation of Clinical Researchers.

Application Details. The Intramural Research Program IRP is exploring epigenetics in a diversity of fields: Obesity : Epigenetic alterations to our genome have long been suspected to play a role in complex human diseases, such as obesity.

Not All Chromosomes Are the Same…
Chromosome Biology Chromosome Biology
Chromosome Biology Chromosome Biology
Chromosome Biology Chromosome Biology
Chromosome Biology Chromosome Biology
Chromosome Biology Chromosome Biology

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