Dynamics of Industry Growth

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In the paper, Sara Maioli presents one of the very first attempts to make explicit the empirical relationship between investment and uncertainty under different degrees of irreversibility. An Evolutionary Perspective on Corporate Diversification. Winter, Y. Kaniovski, G. Corporate growth and industrial structures: some evidence from the Italian manufacturing industry by G.

Bottazzi, E. Cefis, G. Using two unique longitudinal databases, Junfu Zhang investigates firm formation, growth, mortality, and migration in Silicon Valley during the s and explain how the region evolved. After extraordinary economic and innovation success in the late s, Silicon Valley entered a deep recession in This study seeks to answer tough policy-relevant and empirical questions of interest everywhere in the world.

Evidence on Entry and Exit in Portuguese Manufacturing. Productivity growth patterns have been widely discussed in the literature at both macroeconomic- and industry-level. But growth takes place in individual firms. Understanding resource reallocation at the micro level, and its relationship with industry productivity growth, are thus crucial in designing new industrial policies. The neo-Schumpeterian models of Nelson and Winter are tested with an original and statistically representative panel of manufacturing firms covering the period annual observations.

UK Innovation Strategy. Attila Havas demonstrates in this paper the simultaneous need for systemic institutional changes and macroeconomic stabilisation in order to improve microeconomic performance. Whithin an evolutionary economics framework, innovation policy is examined both theoretically and empirically in the case of a country currently undergoing deep structural changes: Hungary. A history-friendly model of the co-evolution of the computer and semiconductors industries: capabilities and technical change as determinants of the vertical scope of firms in related industries by F.

Malerba, R.

Dynamics of Industry Growth

Nelson, L. Orsenigo, S. Dosi, G. Fagiolo, A. Understanding the Spanish business innovation gap: the role of spillovers and firms' absorbtive capacity by P. Lopez-Garcia and J. Responding to rivals and compliments: How market concentration shapes generational product innovation strategy by S. Turner, W. Mitchell, R. Persistence in profitability and in innovative activities by E. Dynamic competences and firm performance by Aija Leiponen. The different channels of university-industry knowledge transfer: Empirical evidence from Biomedical Engineering by R.

Brennenraedts, R. Bekkers, B. South Korea's future engines of growth and development strategies for its main industries. Foresight is a systematic process that seeks to understand the long term. It assumes that there are many possible future scenarios and that the shape of the future we inherit depends on the decisions taken today. An important aspect of foresight is the use of qualitative as well as quantitative methods to set priorities and agree onactions.

This process involves widespread consultation among all relevant stakeholders. Integrating fishing accounting into the Italian system of national accounts. It's an interesting example of empirical industrial application of relevant methodologies for a "greener" GDP. What would such a development strategy look like and what would be its environmental and social consequences? The challenge seems to be to foster economic activities related to the exploitation of natural resources, through forward, backward or lateral linkages, since Latin America could not attain development by exporting commodities.

Who matters in a complex society? Key people can change history, especially when the global system is complex and under transition.

A long-term view, presented in this paper, identifies the categories of competences and individuals interpreting and prompting structural changes. Domestic mergers and acquisitions.

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The Finnish evidence through comprehensive and micro-level data reveals that geographical closeness matters a great deal for mergers and acquisitions within a single country. This means that a great number of domestic takeovers occur within narrowly defined regions. In addition, domestic merger flows substantially reinforce the core-periphery dimension.

Innovation and technology trajectories in a developing country context: evidence from a survey of Malaysian firms. In this paper, the relationship between technological change and employment is analysed through private consumption channels: technological change creates new and more consumption opportunities by means of product and process innovation.

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This results in changes in consumption patterns and budget shares of consumer products. As a consequence of technological change and changing tastes, the production structure will be altered and therefore, changes in the composition of employment are inevitable. Furthermore, obsolescence of products and skills, caused by technological change, can be related to each other by using an input-output framework.

Firm size and short-term dynamics in aggregate entry and exit. Post-entry strategies and start-ups' survival: evidence from the Security Software Industry. Routines and representations at work - Observing the architecture of conceptual design by M. Hales and J. Endogenous heterogeneity in strategic models: symmetry -breaking via strategic substitutes and nonconcavities by R.

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  8. Amir, F. Garcia, M. Does founders' human capital affect the growth of the new technology-based firms?

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    A competence-based perspective. Analysing the pre-exit performance of French manufacturing firms. Entry and exit after airline liberalization in Europe. Entry and accommodation in airline markets: Easyjet caught in the middle on the London-Grenoble route.

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    Product choice and product switching. Three-fifths of firms alter their product mix within an industry every five years, and added and dropped products account for a substantial portion of firm output. In the model, firms make decisions about both industry entry and product choice. Product choice is shaped by the interaction of heterogeneous firm characteristics and diverse product attributes. A review of firm theories.

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    Dynamic capabilities: What are they? Understanding dynamic capabilities. Product differentiation or spatial monopoly? An empirical analysis of the spatial origin of first year students in all Universities of Austria allows the identification of reputation, distance and market domination effects.

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    History of chemical engineering. Main page. Copyright Help us improve. Calls for papers. Climate Change. World trade. History of economic thought. Economic policies. Absolute beginners. If you like this site, please sign our Guestbook. Key concepts. Key data. Evidence on Entry and Exit in Portuguese Manufacturing Productivity growth patterns have been widely discussed in the literature at both macroeconomic- and industry-level.

    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth
    Dynamics of Industry Growth Dynamics of Industry Growth

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