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The pattern of the details was made up and calculated by the patterns, which she took in the magazine "Burda" either in No. Now these magazines I do not have, but they can be "downloaded" on the Internet.

Knitted from white threads "Snowflake", and then, already connected details painted in the same color as flax, with the help of "Fantasy" there used to be such a tool for tinting linen in pastel colors - pink, yellow, blue and more brewing. Now everything is much simpler and you can pick up thin strings in color.

Wore it with trousers. Crocheted objects could also be used as part of an ornament or bigger object.


Crochet objects are made of patterns created by crochet stitches. The basic crochet stitches include the chain stitch, the slip stitch, and the single crochet stitch. Other stitches are the treble crochet stitch and the triple crochet stitch. Patterns are created by a combination of stitches. There are lots of crochet stitches that can be combined to create a different shape and size. The basic patterns that can be created are stitches like the linen stitch, the granny stitch, spiked stitch, shell stitch and ripple stitch.

There you may be able to find patterns that are more intricate or out of circulation and therefore quite unique.


By the way, here we would like to thank our sponsor site, SlotsFree. The same way the crochet hook size matters to the stitch formed, so too do the size of the yarn. The yarn is the most common material used for crocheting. It is sold either as a yarn ball or skeins. The yarn comes in 6 basic sizes. Size 1 is the smallest while size 6 is the largest. The size of the yarn is measured in the thickness of the yarn. The thickness will also determine the pattern or stitch you create. Yarn can be bought online or from reputable stores that have been in the business.

Knit and Crochet Combo Patterns

Did you know? There are various types of wool and yarn of which public is not aware about. So I recently found the kit in Walmart and have given it a preliminary try. As someone who learned to crochet first and excelled at it I found knitting extremely awkward and difficult to learn. The movements were much more familiar but I will say moving from cord back to hook was uncomfortable to say the least. However, I do hope that learning this technique will help serve to bridge the gap between crocheting and knitting and assist me in mastering the latter. My fingers are crossed!

Can you use them as normal crochet hooks as well? And does Knooking use up more yarn than knitting, as crochet does? I think knooking uses an amount of yarn similar to knitting. I just got the Knook at our local Walmart. Like I need another project — not. I do weaving on the Martha Stewart weaving set, loom knit, crochet, and quilt.

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Always wanted to learn to knit, so will try the Knook out. Thank goodness I divorced my ex and kept my crafts! The one I got was from Boyd not Leisure Arts and this was about five or six years ago. When I first got a Knook kit, I was so frustrated by the stitch instructions. So I went to YouTube. Same thing. Worse actually because of different people doing different things. Finally wound up on the Leisure Arts website.

Combination Knitting and 4 Reasons to Try it

Wonderful videos! So easily understood—finally made sense to me.

Knitting vs Crocheting — Which One Is Easier?

These are the best knooking directions if you need them. I tried the knook. But was very confused with it. I worked with it several times and gave up. I can crochet but not knitting. I found the leisure arts videos on youtube and it looks pretty straightforward and not to hard to understand although I am left handed. I gave it a try but put it aside since I had crocheting wips at the time.

She gave me a ball of yarn and went to find a video on YouTube to show me how to work it. It is so portable when I travel with knitting needles my project always works its way up the needle and drops off the ends even with end stoppers. Not any more when I complete a row I slide the stitches to the middle of the string and if my project is long enough roll the yarn ball up in the project and wrap the strings around the bundle and put a double bow in it.

Without the long pointy needles I can use a smaller bag without fear of the needles poking through the bag and dumping my project off somewhere. I have used several different knitting patterns without difficulty and found patterns with lots of picking up stitches are a breeze with the knook. Having just spent a couple hours playing with the knook kit I got for Christmas… it has a major problem. My hands are cramping after only a little while trying to work a sample swatch the length of the hook. And this is coming from someone who can happily crochet all afternoon if given the time.

This is not reccomended for large projects at all. The knook I used came with a string that worked as a Tunisian hook to extend the length of the hook. I agree it would be very unworkable without it! I have wondered about the Knook, too. Can anyone tell me how this differs for a crow hook crochet?

I have used a double hook crochet needles known as a crow-hook of varying length and made numerous afghans. I am an avid crochet gal, I have tried knitting and can do it but with lots of time and some frustration on my part as well.

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I signed up for a giveaway from Leisure Crafts a few weeks back and forgot about it as I sing up for all sorts of giveaways and I got an e-mail today letting me know I won a knook kit so I went to youtube to watch a few videos and I am so ready to try this if I can do it better than knitting it would be great and then I will work on trying to convert some patterns to make afghans I got a new niece or nephew coming up in the near future!

Pingback: Socks, caving, life Perigrines Eyrie. I started working with it without much success, and the bamboo stabbed me in the thumb. Then my brother asked me to make him a Doctor Who scarf which, if one wants to be really accurate with it, is knit stitch all the way. So out came my Knook. At which point I found the major downside to working with the Knook is the tear out — there is nothing to hold the stitches you are backing out of, so you must be very careful not to pull them all out, too. I may pick up a knitting needle for this. Knooking replicates knitting, whereas Tunisian is a crochet stitch that just looks sometimes like knitting.

The difference is really that string and the action you do with the knook. Bought the Knook a couple of weeks ago. I am a crocheter who has always wanted to knit but can never get the hang of it. I have found Knooking so easy. Yes, it took lots of practice but I have Knooked swatches of cable stitch, moss stitch, and divided boxes.

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I can send you pics of my work by email if you would like to see. You can already do this with an afghan hook. The piece of thread is handy for longer pieces that you want to do. Yes, that is the main advantage… a string can be much more flexible than a 2 foot long hook! I just bought 2 knooks made by knit pro, love crochet. Somehow the cord gets tangled. I have a larger locker hook in use at present, making a rug and I do lots of crochet, tunisian and also knit, but this hook sounded weird. Sounds like a must-try, using my locker hook!

Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined Knit and Crochet Combined
Knit and Crochet Combined

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