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How to Read Islam's Holy Text

She coached Mr.

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Surya on the finer points of translating the Quran into sign language, and his progress was monitored by an organization for deaf people based in Jidda, Saudi Arabia. The Quran project has become one of the few educational resources for deaf Indonesians. There were 2.

تحفيظ القرآن للأطفال سور جزء عمّ

Indonesian sign language was not even recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Education until and there are few government officials who can communicate in sign language. Galuh opened a small school and home schooling program for deaf children in in West Java Province, just outside Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. Most of its teachers and support staff are also deaf.

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Galuh said in an email. Deafness runs in Mr. The Holy Quran is a divine book and the word of Allah.

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The meaning that carries the Noble Quran is unmatchable and not to be found in any other book in the world. In addition to the depth of meaning that the verses of Quran carry, there is also its sublime language that it makes it apart from any of the writings in the world in general and Arabic in particular.

The Holy Quran is the book in which Allah Almighty has blessed us with a complete code of life. Quran includes every aspect of life which a person needs to know about. The best of all education in this world is the Quran and acquiring it is mandatory for every Muslim.

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It is the divine light that was sent to illuminate the earth after it was drowning for ages in the darkness of ignorance, atheism and infidelity. One of the most famous truth-seekers in the history of Islam is Salman al-Farisi.

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When Salman was sixteen, he was studying to serve in a magus temple. His father imprisoned him to dissuade him from his new faith, but he could escape. He travelled to Syria and served in the church with few priests. While his last priest was dying, he told him to go to the Arab Peninsula to search for the last prophet who would revive the religion of Abraham. There are so many like Salman al-Farisi all over the ages and in our modern times as well.

Learning Fromn The Quran Learning Fromn The Quran
Learning Fromn The Quran Learning Fromn The Quran
Learning Fromn The Quran Learning Fromn The Quran
Learning Fromn The Quran Learning Fromn The Quran
Learning Fromn The Quran Learning Fromn The Quran

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