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He appeared in numerous comedies and dramas on both stage and screen and was a Renaissance man who wrote more than two dozen fiction and nonfiction books, including several successful tennis instructions books. But Tilden had a secret-one he didn't fully understand himself. After he left competitive tennis in the late s, he faced a lurid fall from grace when he was arrested after an incident involving an underage boy in his car. Tilden served seven months in prison and later attempted to explain his questionable behavior to the public, only to be ostracized from the tennis circuit.

Despite his glorious career in tennis, his final years were much constrained and lived amid considerable public shunning. Tilden's athletic accomplishments remain, as he is arguably the best American player ever. American Colossus is a thorough account of his life, bringing a much-needed look back at one of the world's greatest athletes and a person whose story is as relevant as ever.

They were among the game's greatest players who brought pro basketball out of its s funk and made it faster, more fluid, and more exciting. Off the court the game was changing rapidly too, with the draft lottery, shoe commercials, and a style driven largely by excess. One player who personified the eighties excess is Micheal Ray Richardson.

During his eight-year career in the NBA , he was a four-time All-Star, twice named to the All-Defense team, and the first player to lead the league in both assists and steals. He was also a heavy cocaine user who went on days-long binges but continued to be signed by teams that hoped he'd get straight. Eventually he was the first and only player to be permanently disqualified from the NBA for repeat drug use. Tracking the rise, fall, and eventual redemption of Richardson throughout his playing days and subsequent coaching career, Charley Rosen describes the life-defining pitfalls Richardson and other players faced and considers key themes such as off-court and on-court racism, anti-Semitism, womanizing, allegations of point-shaving within the league, and drug and alcohol abuse by star players.

By constructing his various lines of narration around the polarizing figure of Richardson-equal parts basketball savant, drug addict, and pariah-Rosen illuminates some of the more unseemly aspects of the NBA during this period, going behind the scenes to provide an account of what the league's darker side was like during its celebrated golden age. Whether you know Athletics or not, and even whether you know sport or not, chances are you know Usain Bolt.

The fastest man on the planet, not just now but ever, Usain has won the hearts of people everywhere with his mind-blowing performances and his infectious charisma - uniting supporters around the world. In this, his full autobiography, Usain tells his story in his own words: from humble beginnings in Jamaica, to international stardom at Beijing and on to the new heights of superstardom he has reached since lighting up London Full of the charm and charisma that has made him the most popular sporting figure of our time and a universal celebrity, this is a book that Usain's millions of fans will love.

What does it take to be the best in the world at your sport? Rafael Nadal has the answers. In his memoir, written with award-winning journalist John Carlin, he reveals the secrets of his game and shares the inspiring personal story behind his success. It begins in Mallorca, where the tight-knit Nadal family has lived for generations.

Coached by his uncle Toni from the age of four and taught humility and respect by his parents, Nadal has managed the uncommon feat of becoming an acclaimed global celebrity while remaining a gracious, hardworking role model for people in all walks of life. Now he takes us behind the scenes, from winning the Wimbledon final-described by John McEnroe as "the greatest game of tennis" he had ever seen-to the family problems that brought him low in and the numerous injuries that have threatened his career. With candor and intelligence, Nadal brings readers on his dramatic and triumphant journey, never losing sight of the prize he values above all others: the unity and love of his family.

From RAFA: "During a match, you are in a permanent battle to fight back your everyday vulnerabilities, bottle up your human feelings. The more bottled up they are, the greater your chances of winning, so long as you've trained as hard as you play and the gap in talent is not too wide between you and your rival. The gap in talent with Federer existed, but it was not impossibly wide. It was narrow enough, even on his favorite surface in the tournament he played best, for me to know that if I silenced the doubts and fears, and exaggerated hopes, inside my head better than he did, I could beat him.

You have to cage yourself in protective armor, turn yourself into a bloodless warrior. It's a kind of self-hypnosis, a game you play, with deadly seriousness, to disguise your own weaknesses from yourself, as well as from your rival.

Undisputed Truth: My Autobiography by Mike Tyson – review

For most of his playing career, Cronin was the best shortstop in baseball. Elected to the Hall of Fame in , he was a manager by the age of twenty-six and a general manager at forty-one. He was the youngest player-manager ever to play in the World Series, and he managed the Red Sox longer than any other man in history. As president of the American League, he oversaw two expansions, four franchise shifts, and the revolutionary and controversial introduction of the designated-hitter rule, which he wrote himself.

This book follows Cronin from his humble beginnings to his position as one of the most powerful figures in baseball. Mark Armour explores Cronin's time as a player as well as his role in some of the game's fiercest controversies, from the creation of the All-Star Game to the issue of integration. Bringing to life one of baseball's definitive characters, this book supplies a crucial and fascinating chapter in the history of America's pastime.

He made his Major League debut in the summer of and became one of the most notable sports figures of the fifties. His many accomplishments on the mound helped to make him one of the more distinguished residents of Cooperstown, and he will always be remembered as the most dominant National League pitcher of his time.

In addition, Roberts was as impressive a storyteller as he was an athlete, and his experiences and encounters leading up to, throughout, and following his incredible nineteen-year career made for an extraordinary life. Throwing Hard Easy is Roberts's own account, recalling his childhood, his playing days, and life after baseball.

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This edition features new photographs and a new foreword by his son, James Roberts, as well as a new introduction by his coauthor and lifelong fan, C. Paul Rogers III. Land of Wolves.

The Institute. Cold Storage. This Tender Land. The Starlet and the Spy. A Trick of Light. The Timepiece. Into the Flames.

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After the Flood. Deborah: Prophetess of God. All Hearts Come Home for Christmas. Love Sidelined. The Dutch House. Killer Instinct. Death in Focus. The Secrets We Kept. Vendetta in Death. Kopp Sisters on the March. Red at the Bone. Everything is Figureoutable. Face to Face: The Art of Connection. Inside Out: A Memoir. Antoni in the Kitchen. The Enigma of Clarence Thomas. Hurricanes: A Memoir. Permanent Record. Mistaken Reality.

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Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb
Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb
Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb
Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb
Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb Mike Tyson Autobiography Hb

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