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He serves on the editorial boards of many journals and book series, and is also the co-editor-in-chief, with Ling Liu, of the Encyclopedia of Database Systems. Patrick Valduriez is a senior scientist at Inria, France. Since , he is the scientific advisor of the LeanXcale startup. He is currently the head of the Zenith team between Inria and University of Montpellier, LIRMM that focuses on data science, in particular data management in large-scale distributed and parallel systems and scientific data management.

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He obtained several best paper awards, including at VLDB He is an ACM Fellow. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Computer Science Information Systems and Applications.

New chapters, covering big data management and NoSQL, NewSQL and polystore systems Discussion of consensus protocols and blockchains Extensive revisions and updates reflecting the changing technology based on years of class testing and feedback Ancillary teaching materials are available see more benefits. If you withdraw from the exam after the deadline or during the exam, this will be counted as an examination attempt.

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Search our webpages Search. Menu Search. Sub navigation Studies Courses IN Schedule, syllabus and examination date Choose semester Spring Course content This course is about database systems, focusing on relational databases. Learning outcome After taking this course you'll: know what a database management system DMBS does, how it works and how it is implemented; have an in-depth understanding of the theoretical and practical problems connected to operating DMBSs; know how to use advanced SQL and how to optimize queries; understand the basic principles of transaction management; know the types of transaction management isolation levels offered by modern DBMSs and the strength and weaknessess of each isolation level;.

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Recovery: Failures and their classification, recovery and atomicity, recovery algorithms, Undo-Redo with write ahead logging, no Undo no Redo and other combinations, buffer management, optional: ARIES recovery. Distributed Databases: Distributed data storage, distributed transactions, commit protocols, concurrency control in distributed databases, heterogeneous and cloud-based databases.

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Data Mining: Decision Support Systems, data warehousing, mining, classification, association rules, clustering. Information Retrieval: relevance ranking using terms and hyperlinks,page rank, indexing of documents, measuring retrieval effectiveness. Menu Toggle navigation.

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Principles of database systems Principles of database systems
Principles of database systems Principles of database systems
Principles of database systems Principles of database systems
Principles of database systems Principles of database systems
Principles of database systems Principles of database systems
Principles of database systems Principles of database systems

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