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But for one of the Japanese aircraft, there are different fin markings for three different units.

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This aircraft is camouflaged in a yellow base with green and brown mottles. The underside is Grigio Azzurro Chiaro 1.

There are three different fin markings for the aircraft in this scheme. The aircraft has yellow cowling and a white fuselage band.

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The colors for this aircraft are Giallo Mimetico 3 with Verde Mimetico 2 mottles. The aircraft has a white fuselage band. Observations on the markings.

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  • The marking guide I have does not clearly show the upper surface camouflage extending over and under the leading edge of the wing. It should. The Hinomaru was placed further to the rear on the underside, such that it overlapped the aileron. Also, a note on the Giallo Mimetico color.

    Special Hobby 48068 Italian long range bomber Fiat BR.20

    It is possible that the Giallo on the banded aircraft was the lighter colored Giallo 3 similar to a Middle Stone while that on the mottled aircraft was the darker Giallo 4 similar to a nut brown, with an FS approximation of I plan on using the Giallo 3 on banded aircraft and Giallo 4 on the mottled. The Special Hobby kit provides marking for four Italian aircraft. Three of these aircraft have the pre- and early war tri-color rudder stripes.

    The underside is in Grigio Mimetico FS The aircraft is shown with a white fuselage band and yellow cowlings, which were painted late in its service life. It has the Felix the Cat unit emblem on the side of the fuselage. I have seen a picture that I believe is of this aircraft on the French Front in The only difference in markings is that in France it did not have the white fuselage band or yellow cowlings.

    Fiat BR 20 Cicogna Italian bomber

    This aircraft has the same camouflage scheme as above. But, this aircraft has the pre- and early war rudder stripes and does not have a fuselage band. It has the witch on a broom unit emblem on the side of the fuselage. This aircraft is in overall Aluminum lacquer and dope.

    It has the tricolor stripes not only on the rudders, but also on the elevators. The undersides are Grigio Mimetico FS The rudders have the tri-color stripes. I am not quite comfortable with the Special Hobby color callouts. I would use those used by Classic Airframes in conjunction with my observation for the CA markings. Also, as with the CA markings, the Special Hobby marking guide does not clearly show the upper surface camouflage wrapping over the leading edge.

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    As for the Nationalist BR. As for the BR. The kit is designed to accept a different nose and tail. The parts listing already shows parts that would be used on the M. But the real issue is how I feel about this kit. Even with its faults. Even then, I find the Japanese markings on an Italian aircraft to be quite interesting. Also, unless Trumpeter bites the bullet, as it did with their SM 79, we will most likely, and in all probability, not see a BR.

    In February, 83 years ago, the Fiat Br. Its design as a medium bomber was successful due to its range and legendary speed for which it took place in many Air races during testing and production. At the time, it was regarded as one of the most modern medium bombers in the world. Jump to.

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    • Fiat BR.20 Cicogna!
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      You can see the gift option when going to the Account Upgrades screen, or on any user profile screen. Download Now 1 MB. Overview Version History. The Fiat BR. It holds the distinction of being the first all-metal Italian bomber to enter service; at the time, it was regarded as one of the most modern medium bombers in the world.

      The BR.

      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20
      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20
      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20
      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20
      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20
      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20
      The Fiat B.R.20 The Fiat B.R.20

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