The Mistress

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She ends up working with Rosita against her husband. Lola's father has one in Run, Lola, Run , who convinces him to elope with her. Sam's mistress in Ruthless People , who tries to blackmail him because she's sleeping with another man. Emilia, of The Other Woman , plays the eponymous role. The court in the Hurog duology has the official version - the queen's lover is appointed by the king, and the king has a male "favourite", who is country-wide known to be the one who shares his bed.

The Mistress

Tom's relationship with Myrtle in The Great Gatsby. He would have liked to marry her, and his allies do end up arranging things so she can be given a title to enable them to marry. However, fate has different plans in store for them and they can't It's acknowledged that this is common among the nobility due to the proliferation of political marriages; and in many cases the jilted spouse doesn't particularly mind as long as you are tactful and discreet. One interpretation of the poem "The Rival" by Sylvia Plath in Ariel Plath is that the subject is an expy of the mistress of Plath's husband.

Making Money The bank's previous owner was the former mistress and later wife of the former chairman, mentioning that as his mistress, she had the wife's approval because it got him out of her hair for a while. He also had other lovers after they were married, under the same kind of arrangement.

She was also good with numbers, which is why she remained in charge of the bank after his death. Before she passed on, she noted that standards have dropped and that now "the ability to spin upside down on a pole is considered sufficient". Dune : The position is deconstructed , as Paul Atreides considers Chani, the woman who is technically his mistress, as his true wife, and never consummates his official and political marriage with his actual wife, the daughter of the emperor he overthrew in the first book.

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Going back a generation, Paul's mother Jessica is the 'bound concubine' of Leto Atreides , and presumably if he'd married she would have been this — but the two of them consider themselves married in everything but name. Petra Cotes in One Hundred Years of Solitude , doubling as one of the three hookers with hearts of gold. In Guilty Wives , Winnie is revealed to have been the mistress of the President of France for some time before the action of the novel begins. A Song of Ice and Fire plays with this trope constantly. As part of the series's back story, King Aegon IV "The Unworthy" had several semi-official mistresses, and thus several illegitimate children.

As bastards, they weren't entitled to inherit, until the king legitimized them on his deathbed. Civil war resulted. Some high lords keep mistresses; but they have no official standing and the relationship is considered adulterous and immoral. Such mistresses are kept behind closed doors and the relationship is kept officially secret, even if it's common knowledge. In Dorne, where looser standards of sexual morality are in play, mistresses can be given official status as paramours.

The relationships are public and have no implication of shame. Even a Dornish member of the supposedly celibate Kingsguard kept one. In some cases, a man and wife will even share a paramour.

Daenerys Targaryen marries twice, but aside from that, has plenty of men and women to serve in her bed. The only one who has a regular position, however, is a mercenary named Daario Naharis who she retains even after she remarries. Melisandre is implied to be this to Stannis Baratheon.

When Marius tells his grandfather about Cosette, his immediate advice is to keep her as a mistress instead of as a legal wife Marius, who reveres Cosette, finds the idea of dishonoring her so much to be unspeakable. At the time of the novel, he says he's grown tired of keeping girlfriends. After their would-be wedding is busted, Rochester offers this position to Jane. Jane realizes she could not possibly live with herself in this way, and leaves him.

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In In the Time of the Butterflies , Papa has another family with three other children in addition to the four daughters he has with his wife. Shavri even talked Vanyel into siring a child upon her in large part to hide the fact that a wasting disease had rendered the king sterile little did she know that said "byblow" would marry into the collateral line that eventually got the throne. Goes both ways in Star Craft Ghost Nova. It's explained that, due to marriages among the Confederacy's aristocracy on Tarsonis being invariably political in nature , it's expected that both husband and wife will have mistresses called a "jig" in the wife's case.

Nova's parents hate each other so much they've apparently never actually had sex with each other: she was conceived via IVF. She rightly surmises he's really doing it as a means to keep an eye on her because S he Knows Too Much about his identity and declines. For his part, Cuncz remains gracious at her refusal. Cuncz himself is the product of a relationship between a rival lord and his favorite mistress.

The woman died in childbirth, and the local Abbot used the infant Cuncz as part of his efforts to build a power base against his own political rival. Live-Action TV.

In 'Allo 'Allo! And apparently this wasn't all of them. At one point she and Lorenzo's wife come face-to-face, and the conversation is surprisingly civil. When Lucrezia asks how Clarice can bear to look at her, Clarice simply points out that "you will never be up on that wall" that is, the mural that depicts Lorenzo's family. Spoofed in Designing Women , when they get a mistress to stop seeing a married man, but the wife was angry, because she knew about the affair and was having her own. Mal objected to his possessivity, leading to a sword duel over her honor. It's indicated in the pilot that Inara gets these kinds of offers on a regular basis, and we find out after all's said and done that she had no intention of accepting the offer in the first place.

Verges on an Open Secret , if the amount of sarcastic references to the relationship is any indication. At one point the exclusively homosexual Renly is trying to make excuses for not consummating the marriage, to which Margaery suggests in all seriousness that they bring Loras in to "get him started".

Renly thinks this is an insult, but she actually fully accepts that the marriage is a political sham while Loras is his real lover; she just thinks they need to have an heir to cement the alliance. Shae after Tyrion marries Sansa. Melisandre for Stannis, though they only have sex once to spawn the Living Shadow that kills Renly. Kaamelott : Arthur has up to four mistresses at any given time, going from one to the other as his needs warrant.

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Hilarity Ensues when a rumor spreads of his rebuking the queen, and each girl tries to convince him to marry her. In Madam Secretary , Elizabeth's chief of staff Nadine Tolliver, whom she inherited from the preceding Secretary of State Vincent Marsh, confesses midway through season one that she had been Marsh's mistress for six years. He was basically stringing her along saying he was going to divorce his wife, while using her authority to help him plot the overthrow of the Iranian government.

What made you want to look up mistress? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! It's now in the dictionary. You all would not have guessed some of these. Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Which of these things doesn't belong? Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way.

Definition of mistress. Goddard was the mistress of a school — Jane Austen. You learn how to chop throats and gouge eyes and stomp insteps … and after eight weeks you're given your diploma, which officially declares you a mistress of unarmed combat. Synonyms for mistress Synonyms concubine , doxy also doxie , other woman Visit the Thesaurus for More.

Art imitates life, after all. His secret found out, JD found Sari in the atelier and for many Bea Alonzo fans the next scene was something unexpected and maybe even shocking.

John Lloyd and Bea have truly grown up to have been able to tackle scenes like this. We know that the movie is winding down as the major characters had their big fight. I would have preferred this scene the way they did it in the trailer but I am neither the director nor the editor. Well, he said it himself in the earlier scenes; he felt the need to save her. In a most Freudian way, he sees his mother in Sari, a woman being used and betrayed by the man he resents and even hates.

That can stir any saviour complex in a warm-blooded man. Is there more though? Is it enough to embark on a happy-ever-after? They gate-crashed a wedding at the beautiful Callao Cave. They got to talk. They played pretend. Sari decided to let go of her fears as she let a lantern go into the night sky. And their bodies talked. Perhaps, it will be inevitable that when John Lloyd and Bea did their first love scene in One More Chance that every movie of theirs will have one — a required element, so to speak.

No complaints from this fan. Sari told Rico about Eric whom she knew as JD and it was met with anger and hurt. Rico found Eric in his car waiting in the street and a fight and a heart attack ensued. As in any Star Cinema movie when somebody is about to die, everything is forgiven and resolved. So Rico died after having made peace with his wife and reconciled with his son, whom he knows was not his but he loved anyway but did not treat well.

The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress The Mistress
The Mistress

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