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Welcome to Shotacon! Welcome to Cult Status! Welcome to cult status! But if you boil the issue down to the less Japanocentric parts: dropping out of life, extreme anxiety, lack of motivation, acute self-isolation, etc. And on that broader level, I have been dangerously close to going full on hikikomori at various points over the last six or so years.

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Welcome to the N. Probably because I miss being a shut-in. Specifically this quote has been clanking around my head:. Question: Why can one keep living as a hikikomori? Being able to live as a hikikomori was in itself very much a luxury. This is an interesting idea. Depressive issues persist in part because they are self-fortifying cycles.

Depression feeds on itself and protects itself from the outside world. And that, to me, is the crux of the sort of anxiety explored by Welcome to the N. His life as a hikikomori , as he explains himself, was something that started with a gradual withdrawal from life, with anxieties that crept up on him. It may not always be productive to ask why.

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  • The likely story, as much as we can speculate about a fictional character beyond what he and his creators tell us, is that Satou was predisposed to depression and social anxiety and that was compounded to a breaking point when he started college and began to face the world of adulthood.

    Japan is an intense place with some unique pressures, but I think most of us in our college years and 20s can relate to feelings of dread and uncertainty regarding growing up.

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    • At the stage in his life in which we meet him, Satou has also become disturbingly complacent in his identity as a hikikomori. Time after time in the story, we see Satou react to a failed attempt to do something different or to connect with another person by further retreating into and fortifying himself in his role as a shut-in.

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      One way that depression builds on itself is by seeking external validation in relationships and situations. Kamiyadori, Vol. Someday's Dreamers, Vol. The Third, Vol. Guardian Hearts, Vol. Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound, Vol.

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      X, Vol. Frog, Vol. ZONE, Vol. Flower of the Deep Sleep, Vol. The One I Love, Vol. Moon and Blood vol. Chibi Vampire, Vol.

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      Goth, Vol. Red Hot Chili Samurai, Vol. Recommendation for customers who viewed this eBook.

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