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Making a windbreak The way you design your windbreak will depend on the wind speed and direction of the winds in your area. Windbreaks work best when they are planted at right angles to the wind direction.

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For example, if the wind blows from the north to the south, then you should plant the windbreak from the east to the west. Usually, however, winds blow from a number of different directions. If that is the case, you may want to plant dense windbreaks facing the major wind direction and some less dense windbreaks that face the minor directions.

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Some people build hedges in an L-shape to cover both directions. Choose a few kinds of trees and shrubs that grow naturally in your area. Look around and see which kinds grow well in open or exposed areas.

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Those trees and shrubs will probably have strong stems or trunks that can resist the force of the wind. If the roots grow sideways too much they will compete with other trees or crops. Some of the trees should have thick foliage. It is best if the trees and shrubs you choose have other uses too. For example certain species can provide you with fuelwood, leaves for livestock feed, food, and medicines.


Windbreaks can be different widths. Farmers usually plant one to five rows of shrubs and trees. When you are planning the number of rows, remember to consider those valuable products you can harvest from trees.

Things To Consider When Designing a Windbreak

The taller the windbreak is the more land it will protect. So a windbreak should be as tall as possible, but remember to take into consideration the trees that are well suited to your growing conditions. The field of crops will be sheltered at distances of 30 times the height of the tallest trees in the windbreak. That is to say, if you measure the height of the tallest trees and then walk a distance that is 30 times that height — away from the windbreak — that is the length of the area that will be protected.

Windbreaks in North American agricultural systems

Each row of trees in the windbreak should be a different height. If the rows are the same height they will not reduce the wind speed very well.

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When it comes to planting you will have to decide how far apart to plant the trees. The distance between the trees will depend on the kind of trees you plant. The main idea is to get a fairly close barrier of foliage.

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Plan it so that the tree branches will be touching each other after they have been growing for a few years. You may want to plant trees close together at the start and then remove some of them as they grow and the windbreak fills in. If you have very large fields you will probably need more than one windbreak. As a general rule, space them to metres apart or 20 times the height of the tallest trees.

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It is the combined effect of many windbreaks over a large area that best protects your crops and soil. Learn more. In a turnip crop natural infection with turnip mild yellows virus was greatest in two narrow zones, one to leeward of an artificial windbreak, the other in a long shallow depression in the earth. Both zones were approximately across wind when Myzus persicae flew in early summer. Later in the summer, similar windbreaks facing different prevailing winds increased the number of larvae of Scaptomyza apicalis on the plants immediately to leeward and windward of the windbreaks, probably because shelter affected adults that were flying and laying eggs in the crop.

Volume 58 , Issue 3.

Wind break wall design

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Windbreak Technology

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